Thursday, February 21, 2008

2. What is Web 2.0 & why should I care?

Having read the various articles, including "The Ongoing Revolution" and John Blyberg's "Making the Library Relevant," and the Stephen Abram's video, I better appreciate the volumes of work and effort being made to utilize the latest technology to make the libraries' services readily available to patrons and to make a platform for readers to express themselves and interact with others about books and ideas. It is amazing that all this information and internet sights developed by other libraries can be used to demonstrate and share ideas that other libraries can learn from and utilitize to fit their situation. Living in a small community, we are fortunate to have a library and be part of a regional library system that has recently established a web site. I am sure this site will be continuously improved with the wealth of information available and interest and encouragement from "23 things." From our small vantage point, I feel it would be helpful to acquaint our community members with this sight and offer assistance for them to become familiar with and comfortable with using it regularly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27, 2007 #1

If life is all about connections, this endeavor certainly fits into that category. As a real Granny, I feel a bit challenged and came to computers by necessity (i am still in the work force). I appreciate this opportunity and know (from past experience) it will be helpful at many levels. (My grandson was thrilled to have me body surf with him a couple of years ago.) So-- The blog set up was a piece of cake. The avator was a bit more challenging - but after error-ing out (inadvertently) three or four times, I got it!